We Are Local Resource Focused
All of our vendors, caterers and recommended resources are from the local area and, we feel, are experienced wedding professionals, though no one can know how a third party entity will always perform.  However, since our goal is to provide a beautiful and complete experience, and since our focus is primarily on venue maintenance, appearance and care, we allow third party providers to promote themselves here at Mansion on the Lake and make their services available to our clientele. 

We charge those providers to cover our costs in a couple of ways, including an up front fee to be included on our website/apps or, in lieu of an up front fee, a commission fee based upon an event at Mansion on the Lake the vendor received by having promoted themselves with us.  To discuss those fees, vendors can feel free to contact us at 440-544-6530, although it isn't just "about money".  If we feel the services of a vendor meet our standards and the vendor will honor the policies and procedures of Mansion on the Lake, the vendor will be welcome as an affiliate of ours.  

Rental Rates for Property Reservation/Use ONLY! - Due in Full, in Advance to Confirm Rental Date
Reserving the Mansion – a signed contract and rental payment in full (cash or verified check) is required to reserve the Mansion. The Mansion requires a four (4) hour minimum but setup and takedown usually requires a minimum of one (1) hour additional at the beginning and at the end of your event, so plan on a six hour minimum (or more, depending upon your event choices) to work with Mansion on the Lake.

An additional $100 deposit, paid by check, must be submitted with rental payment to the Mansion separately of all other charges, and is returned with no charges incurred to the renter after the event if the Mansion is left undamaged, property intact, cleaned, trash removed and the mansion is left in the condition in which it was found.   Damages incurred in excess of $100 must either be paid for in cash, check or credit card within twenty four (24) hours of the end of the event and renter agrees that he accepts full responsibility for such damages and agrees to such charges on pre-authorized, pre-approved credit card.  Renter also agrees that set-up and tear-down (clean-up)  are part of your contracted time. Premises must be vacated by the end of the contracted time.  NOTE - Payment of the Mansion rental time is by separate check, in advance, to the city/non-profit that operates the building, so do not write your check before calling or speaking to us.
Weekday Rates (Monday – Friday) for Use of Property and Assistance of Coordinator During Event Only - 
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  $85 per additional hour
5 p.m. – 11 p.m.  $110 per additional hour

Weekend Rates (Saturdays & Sundays) for Use of Property and Assistance of Coordinator During Event Only -
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  $115 per additional hour
5 p.m. – 11 p.m. $150 per additional hour

NOTE - Mansion on the Lake reserves the right to insist on more set up time depending upon the complexity of your wedding decorations.

Customization, Planning, Purchases, Setup and Takedown Costs and Payment Terms
Setup and Takedown Rates of ALL customized decorations will be charged at $39 per hour which does not include cost of the customized item(s), or transportation, cleaning, replacement costs and storage of the item(s), if the item is ours.  If the items are yours, the hourly rate will prevail.  Billing will be by the week, when balance exceeds $100 for the current week and payment is required before additional services are provided.  Prices will be as quoted specifically for your event, and any services not quoted by requested and provided will be at the prevailing costs above.  Pre-payment of rental items must be made sixty (60) days prior to any event, and is also subject to forfeiture should the renter cancel the event at any time.  If cancellation is made more than thirty (30) days prior to the event, a refund of 30% of rental fees will be provided within five (5) days of cancellation.  If event is cancelled by the renter prior to sixty (60) days to the event, 60% of rental fees will be provided.   Mansion on the Lake is not in control of weather, and no refunds are made due if inclement weather interferes with your event.  If event is cancelled for any reason by Mansion on the Lake prior to the event, unless weather is responsible, 100% of all fees will be refunded, excluding any charges for products or services which the renter elects to utilize in any fashion, at the express choice of the renter.

For insurance for your wedding go HERE.

Food, catering, beverages and consumables, details and pricing
All consumables are subject to fluctuating prices, quality and availability which is not always under the control of the Mansion on the Lake, and therefore, will be billed based upon the pricing and costs at the time of the event, even if such costs are different when quoted or at an earlier time.  Mansion on the Lake is not responsible for such price fluctuations.  Menu selections, room set-up requirements and all other details must be finalized at least 21 days prior to the function.  Should additional changes be made, additional charges may apply. 

To properly prepare for your function, we require the final guaranteed guest count at least three business days prior to the function.  This final guarantee is not subject to reduction after the 72-hour working deadline and is the minimum number of persons for which you will be charged.  If we do not receive the final guaranteed attendance figure for your function by the 72-hour deadline, you will be charged for the number of persons denoted on the first page of the agreement. 

We will be prepared to serve no more than a maximum of 5% more than the count of people pre-planned, more than the final guaranteed attendance specified. 

You will be charged for the actual number of attendees, or your final guaranteed number, whichever is greater.

May I add extra time to my rental period?
YES.  Due to scheduling of other events, additional time may not be available.  Ask us. Refunds will not be made under any conditions, once payment is received.  ALL rentals are on a first-come-first-served basis and, once paid for, are the responsibility of the renter.  

Who is responsible if property of the renter, the renters family, vendors or attendees is damages or lost?

The Mansion on the Lake is not liable for damage to or loss of items, equipment or personal property belonging to your group or its members.  Necessary security arrangements should be made by the renter to protect against such possibilities.

NOTE - Mansion on the Lake wedding dates go quickly, so if you're seriously considering booking, you should confirm your reservation as soon as possible.  To reserve by phone and secure your date ASAP, call Mansion on the Lake at 440-544-6530.
Who handles my arrangements for rental of the Mansion on the Lake?
Mansion on the Lake makes contractural arrangements for you with the nonprofit that manages the property and provides management and staff for each event, as well as clean up, table settings, flowers and other amenities, though you are not required to purchase everything Mansion on the Lake provides.  Mansion on the Lake will provide you with physical assistance and, per agreement based upon your needs, additional help to make certain your event goes smoothly.

Occasionally you may use a wedding planner or other professional that may contract separately with you and/or Mansion on the Lake.  Specifics vary and depend upon your needs and requirements of your event.  (See more details below.)

To save time, may I set up the day before my event?
ONLY if you pay a minimum, additional, four-hour rental contract to reserve set-up time on the day before your event, and only if the time is available.  If your wedding planner, or Mansion on the Lake, determines more time is needed to prepare for your event, you will be notified of the cost and details by them.
May I rent my own furniture?
NO. Rental furniture and large equipment are not permitted since they may damage the floors. 
Is the Mansion air conditioned?
May I drop items off the night before my event? 
NO. Items cannot be stored at the Mansion prior to or following your event.  However, Mansion on the Lake may be available to handle some items, on a case by case basis.  Ask us.
May my baker deliver my cake earlier in the day?
NO. Deliveries of any kind must be made during your contracted time. No one will be there earlier than your contracted time. 

May we arrive at the beginning of our rental time?
Yes, however your rental time includes our preparation for your event, which we begin at the start of your rental time and complete at the end of your rental time.  You should expect at least an hour of preparation on our part prior to the set up being far enough along to be presentable.  We also begin to remove your decorations approximately one hour before your rental time ends, as it takes an hour to take down decorations and prepare for the next event.
My rental time starts at 1:00 p.m., but I want to come earlier to decorate or to prepare. May I do this?
NO. Setup and tear down time is part of your rental period. There is no one in the building prior to your rental period or there may be another event taking place.
When may I rehearse for my wedding?
You may rent a 2-hour period any day prior to your wedding. (Usually, a minimum of a 4-hour rental is required.)  If your wedding is being planned for the beach, rental is not necessary if your rehearsal is on the beach.

Where may I change into my bridal gown?
During your scheduled event, a “Bride’s Room” is available on the second floor of the Mansion for the bride’s preparation.

May the balcony and staircase be used?
YES, but only for your “grand entrance”, very small wedding ceremonies and photography.  It will then be chained off until the end of your event.  However, a musical act may use the upstairs landing.
May we take chairs and tables outdoors if the weather is nice?
NO. Mansion furniture must remain inside the Mansion at all times.  Outdoor furniture (patio tables and chairs) are available at extra cost.
Is the Mansion handicapped accessible?
YES. The east side entrance and bathrooms located within that entrance are handicap accessible.
May I set up a tent or other equipment outside?
NO. The city, which owns the property, prohibits tents on the grounds and around the Mansion.
What arrangements are available for beach weddings?
We are not responsible for the beach property, as it is owned by the city.  However, beach weddings can be conducted at no cost, as it is a public beach.  The beach has breakfronts and is groomed and maintained by the city.  Your wedding party can easily access the beach from the mansion, and can put some decorations out, such as stanchions around the ceremony location, ribbons or bunting on the rails of the stairs to the beach, etc.  Inclement weather is always an issue, so we recommend a beach wedding include plans for an indoor ceremony as Plan B.  (There is a pier on the east end of the beach which the city is planning to expand which may open the possibility of lake boat wedding excursions.)
May I use the pavilion by the beach?
YES. Let us know as we have to reserve the pavilion with the city in advance.   

What about the customized wedding app?
Mansion on the Lake provides each wedding party with a digital method of announcing, updating and sharing their upcoming event on a smartphone app that works on every smartphone, tablet and desktop.   The app is personalized to your event and is provided at no cost with each event with limitations.   You can see a sample linked on this app on homepage, or other wedding app samples at www.ourappyday.com

What if I or my vendors, friends and family decorate The Mansion?
Decorations or displays brought into The Mansion by the guest must be approved prior to arrival.  Banners or display items may not be affixed to any stationary wall, floor, window or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or any other substance.  The renter agrees to be responsible for any damage done to any other part of The Mansion by the client, invitees, employees, independent contractors or others under his control.
Do you provide catering?
Yes, Mansion on the Lake provides catering services and links to local caterers (and other vendors) for your review.  However, catering is customized to your specific event.  We permit other, outside vendors to provide catering, provided the rules are adhered to.  There are rental penalties and costs for outside vendors that, A. Damage the Property, B. Are still on the property after the rental period has expired, C. Fail to clean the area of any and all debris caused by them; all of which are the responsibility of the renter and will be charged to the deposit.

What is included with the event?
  • A customized banner, with the bridal party name, at the driveway to make the facility easy for guests to find.  The banner may be taken by the bridal party after the event.  (Some parties will affix the banner to the back of their vehicle as they leave, using it as a "Just Married" sign.)
  • Tables and chairs for (up to) 80 people, including set up and take down.
  • Table settings including 1 plates, silverware, coffee cups, saucers, salt and pepper shakers, two dozen (12) clear w/gold or platinum color candle holders per table (of 6), including flameless candles, in a variety of sizes, some with candles, some with beige, green, white, gold or red colored glass beads of your choice, prepared and arranged on the table per photos on our website.  Each setting costs six ($6) dollars per setting.
  • Additional Items, per item, plain white, gold or platinum rimmed, as needed - 10" PLATE $.60, 7" SALAD PLATE $.60, 6" B/B PLATE $.60, SALAD/CEREAL BOWL $.60, COFFEE CUP $.60, SAUCER $.60, SALT & PEPPER $1.50, SERVING BOWL $1.80, SERVING PLATTER ROUND $4.00, SOUP BOWL $.50, CREAMER $1.80, SUGAR BOWL $1.80, WINE or OTHER BEVERAGE GLASS, $1.00.
  • Table cloths ($10 per table), and napkins ($1 per guest) are provided and required unless the renter provides either their own replacements or rental items of their own choice the DAY PRIOR TO the event, to Mansion on the Lake.  In the event you use Mansion on the Lake catering, table cloths and napkins are included. Rental of these items, and more, including chair covers and table skirts are available at Sun Rental Centers.  You may also request Mansion on the Lake to install table skirts following the same requirements as table cloths.  NOTE - If Mansion on the Lake is not pre-paid for linen rental, because you choose to secure your own rentals, we will not have linens on the day of the event because we assumed you had your own.  We will provide white paper/plastic table linens though they are admittedly not as nice as linens, because we can not be delayed from setting up your event on the day you have rented the Mansion, and set up cannot begin without table cloths.   The cost for paper is $6 to $8 per table, depending upon market conditions and availability and we make no representations as to the desirability or appearance of paper linens.  You will be charged for paper table linens and napkins the day of the event, at whatever cost we determine, at our own discretion, by check or cash.
  • Live table setting flowers as per photos on website, ranging in cost from twelve ($12) to nineteen ($19) dollars per table (of 6), price dependent upon type (cost) of flowers chosen by bridal party.  Remember to consider seasons, availability of regular flowers and alternative use of silk flowers.
  • Chair covers.  White toile bunting in bows tied on each chair cost $2 per each chair.  Installation of renter provided chair covers (by Mansion on the Lake) are $2.50 each, and must be recieved prior to the event.  Renters are free to rent/purchase/bring their own chair covers at the beginning of the rental period to install them and then, must take them back with them when the event is concluded.  You'll be charged the day of the event, by check or cash for this installation and removal fee, if you elect to have Mansion on the Lake install chair covers.
  • General post-event cleaning
I want to decorate the inside of the Mansion myself. Is this permitted?
YES. Table decorations are permitted. Glitter and confetti may not be used. Hanging decorations are limited to the small hooks scattered throughout the Mansion. Taping or nailing anything to the walls or woodwork is not permitted. Nothing may be hung from the light fixtures.  You must remove your decorations prior to your rental period ending, or removal will be charged to your deposit.

How many does the Grand Oak Room seat?
It will hold ten (10) tables that comfortably hold six (6) per table, for a total of sixty (60), but may also include an additional seat on one end of each table, adding ten (10) more seats, for a total of seventy (70) guests.

What if there are more guests?
There is a porch connected to the Grand Oak Room that will seat an additional eighteen (18) guests, or which may be used to seat children, or be used for a wedding chapel, or used for a sitting room during the ceremony.
May I use your kitchen to prepare the food for my event?
NO.  All food must be prepared off premise but can be stored, heated or chilled at the event.  Boiling water is acceptable; baking a cake is not.  Mansion on the Lake will allow you to serve your own food, assuming you have prepared it and adhere to these rules.  Mansion on the Lake will also allow you to secure a discount for Mansion use if you use your own table settings and clean the room(s) after your event.

May I use candles?
YES. Votive candles may be used and must be enclosed in glass containers.  Mansion on the Lake provides electric candles on all tables exclusively.
I understand that Mansion on the Lake or my wedding planner is responsible for cleaning up the facility after my event. What exactly am I responsible for cleaning?
Clean up must be completed by the renter or caterer, so if using an outside service confirm this requirement with your provider. Tables and chairs must be returned to their original position and be wiped clean. Floors must be swept and spills wiped up.  Kitchen sink, appliances and counters must be cleaned, the refrigerator emptied and floors wiped, if spills have occurred.  If used, the coffee makers must be cleaned, filters removed. All trash must be removed from the building and be placed in the dumpsters located in the far corner of the parking a lot.  Mops, brooms and a vacuum cleaner
are available for any cleanup needs...and all of this MUST be performed before the end of your rental period on the day of rental.
May I serve alcohol at my party?
YES. Only beer and wine may be served at the Mansion. An alcohol permit from the City will be obtained through by Mansion on the Lake. The application is prepared at the time you sign and pay your rental contract and will cost $75.00. Hard liquor (whiskey, vodka, etc) may not be served at any time. The city will assign a Euclid policeman for your event. If any money is being exchanged between you and your guests during your event, you will need a state permit.
Do you provide a bartender and a bar set up?
YES, optionally.  We have a marble or granite or other bar counter.  Use of our bar with a bartender is $225 for the evening.  We include all of the plastic ware and drink cups and have beer taps available.  However, you must provide your beverages or pre-pay the cost of beverages and the bartender prior to the event.  

Do I need a state alcohol permit?
A state alcohol permit is necessary only when money will be exchanged between you and your guests.
I have a friend who works for another police force.  May I hire them?
NO. The city will assign an off-duty police officer upon receipt of your alcohol permit application. You will receive a copy of the completed application from the Recreation Department.
Does the police officer need to be at the Mansion during my entire rental period?
NO, though there is a four (4) hour minimum (@$___? per hour). The police officer must be present from the time you begin serving alcohol until the end of your rental period. They must be paid by the end of your event.  Mansion on the Lake will pay your police officer, collected from you in the deposit, but you are free to tip the police officers as you like.


The Mansion on the Lake offers the Ala Carte options below for your consideration, though we require our basic fees to be paid per person and per table.

Weddings - A La Carte

Want to pick and choose? See the list below. 

Budget Planning $78  

  • Hourly service; two hour minimum
  • (No cost for dining sample presentation and discussion)
  • Create customized budget for your vision
  • And a budget based on the necessities (wish list vs. need list)
  • Recommendations on ways to maximize the budget and vendor recommendations in ten ways
  • Worksheet to walk away with and use during planning of your wedding

We’ll Build You a Customized Beach Wedding $500 - $750 (Depending Upon Details)

  • Create the pergola, draping toile (any color) provide (up to) 60 white folding chairs, draping railing to beach, hanging flowers/decorations (cost of flowers/decorations not included) from railing, pergola, chairs, etc., provide a draped ceremony table, smooth and groom sand pathways for guests and provide a “shell” border on walkway, and spread flower petals (cost of flowers not included), imprint the sand with giant heart, initials, etc., included.  Chair covers, flowers, decorations, mats on the aisle, sand castle, beach events, boat/boarding options, custom fabrics, chairs or other items available at additional cost.

Brand Management (Request Quote) (Currently N/A

  • Create logo/monogram for you and your fiancé
  • Customize stationery and wedding app (see below) with finished artwork/monogram including Save the Dates, Website, Invitations, Ceremony Programs, Menu Cards, and Thank You cards.

Wedding Website Optimized for Mobile Devices SAMPLE $300 (Included at no cost for a limited time.  Offer may end without notice.  Mobile app limited to use on smartphones, tablets and/or desktop pcs)

  • Setup and management of Wedding Website for 12 months
  • Includes addition of pictures, wedding party, guest book, bridal party page, wedding registry page, and more

Guest List Management $250 (N/A Currently)

  • (up to 100 addresses; request quote for over 100)
  • Assist in creating your list on a spreadsheet
  • If you provide the phone numbers we will contact the guests for their address
  • We will manage your RSVPs either by mobile optimized website, phone, or response cards
  • We will contact your guests that have not responded by the response deadline date (which we encourage to be set at least 21 days prior to the wedding) to verify their attendance
  • We will provide links to local lodging and events, chosen by you, to a limit of 25 total, on the mobile app for easy access by guests
  • We will build an RSVP page for your mobile app, which connects your responses by email to us and to you.

Ceremony set-up/Reception set-up Inside Mansion Included with Rental Agreement (NOTE- table settings, tablecloths, chair covers, table setting flowers, are handled per person, per table separately of custom Ceremony/Reception set up.)

  • We arrive at The Mansion and prepare for your wedding event as early as possible to display programs, set up a unity candle or other ceremony items, a sign customized for your wedding and viewable from Lakeshore Blvd., arrange chair decoration and placement, and give your ushers a last-minute reminder of how and where to seat guests.  An early rehearsal may be necessary, which we also assist with.  We will ensure that the Mansion is decorated as you directed and your wishes are carried out.  Music/Musicians will be assisted with access to Mansion and setup, if needed.  This may include placing favors at each setting, putting out table numbers, setting out place cards, displaying a guest book, decorating tables (in addition to table setting prices, if wanted), or an assortment of many other different things.
  • Present packing is performed with our assistance to make certain your gifts, cards, left over items like food, cards, etc., make it into the vehicles you designate

Catering/Food Preparation, Serving, Presentation, Setup, Takedown and Cleanup (Price included with hourly Mansion rental/coordination fee unless outside caterers are selected) NOTE- table settings, tablecloths, chair covers, napkins are handled included in "your" choice of colors. 

  •  The Mansion on the Lake requires off-site meal preparation, to an extent, but does allow us to prepare for service, warm, use refrigerator(s), sinks, etc., to facilitate your wedding meal and beverages.  So, we arrange the catering and menu from an assortment of providers we know to make sure the food is delivered and served to your complete satisfaction.  We offer a wide variety of options, methods and menus to accomplish this task.  Tell us what you want!

Regular Progress Meetings, Vendor Planning, and Negotiation & Correspondence and Assistance (Hourly Rate)

  • Of course you’ll need some help along the way! We are always available by email and will respond to phone calls within 24 hours during regular business hours. We can setup meetings as needed with each other, and vendors
  • Vendor Coordination - We will gather proposals from multiple vendors in every category that fall within your budget. We always recommend professional and reputable vendors that we know will take great of your vision. After you’ve made your selections, all you have to do is sign the contracts and arrange for payment. We confirm their arrival and departure times before the wedding day.  Leave the rest of the coordination to us!
  • Presence at any wedding-related meetings - If you’d like, we’ll be happy to attend meetings with florists, reception sites, officiants, musicians, stationary printers, or even your dress fittings. We’ll take notes, ask questions, and provide expert opinions at the conclusion of each meeting.
  • Hire Us ONLY for the Day of the Wedding - For the couple who has planned their own wedding but want to put their feet up and enjoy their wedding day!

The Cake (ask us for a quote)

  • We provide ANY kind of cake or cupcake you can think of.  Check this LINK to see our cake ideas and pricing.

The Flowers (ask us for a quote)

  • We can provide a silk, "forever" bouquet and all the flowers for your event.  Check this LINK to see our last flower creations for Gabe and Mandys wedding.  Silk flowers never wilt or turn brown...never need water...and can be permanently viewed in your home throughout your marriage.  Consider a silk flower wedding!