Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach weddings add a lot to an event and, depending upon the complexity, cost of design elements and time of setup, can add a wide range of costs to a wedding.  Samples below (setup and take down included in cost) -

Write Something Personal in the Sand

cost - $0, find a stick

Consider Doing the Limbo or an Impromptu Volleyball Game

cost - limbo poles ($50), volleyball game ($100)

How About Some Beach Wedding Shower Ideas?

cost - $80 +/- canopy, depends on customization requirements 

Click on the Image Above For More Ideas on Beach Weddings

Click on Image Above to See What They Do in Santa Monica

cost for above - flower petals (must be real so that they biodegrade) $80, chair rental, covers, ribbons ($? , depends upon quantity, ask for current rental rates), impromptu canopy with fabric in your color, $180, bouquets at end of rows ($25 ea., approx)

Hang Some Shell Garland

cost - (real) flower petals above @4x greater than first sample) $250, $9 for star/ribbon on chairs, $6 for flower(s) "stuck" in sand, $28 (ea) for string of sea shells (can be hung on string, gazebo, across rows of chairs, on railing going to beach....

cost of flowers below - on bridal path (lots) $1000, bouquets, $42 ea., flowers on gazebo, $195 (1 side), table and tablecloth with flower/vase, $50

Cleveland Has Many Charter Boats that Could Dock at Mansion on the Lake's Pier...Here's One That Can Handle 16 Passengers.  

cost, about 4 hours - $700 (+/-), for a brief cruise, fishing...waterskiing?  

How About a Steel Drum Instrument That WILL be Heard Above the "Normal" Beach Sounds

Even Without Seating, Decoration of the Railing and Stanchions in the Sand Work Very Nicely!

cost - stanchions, toile on railing $100 

Get a Customized Wedding or Shower Invitation Postcard 

cost - about $1.25 - $1.50 each

Use a "message in a bottle" for invitations or table assignments!

Get a Gazebo that can be Used on the Beach, in the Park or in the Mansion! (a Plan A, B or C Solution!)

cost - $250, just as you see it

How about a custom sign...check out Pinterest...LOTS of great ideas there!

The Way The Do It In Hawaii - Why Not Get Married On a Surfboard in Cleveland?  (Of course, the wedding party would probably be best viewing the wedding from the beach.)

A Surfboard Ceremony

cost of surfboards ($) - custom canopy, below - $278

How About a Custom Sand Castle, Built on the Beach by a Local Sand Castle Artist/Sculptor, or You Can Order ONE HERE That You Can Take Home With You After the Wedding.

Cleveland, the Bahamas, Jamaica....Cancun?  

And, of Course, Luminaries on the Beach are SOOOO Romantic


Other Ideas -

  • Wide variety of celebration arches or a canopy made of flowers, fabric or hung with beach related or other decorative items
  • Runners anchored to the sand for the bridal party, in a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns
  • Umbrellas or parasols
  • Custom luminaries by color, cutouts, arranged in a design, for evening-night time events
  • Surf boards holding up a canopy, stuck in the sand
  • Kites, flying or as gifts
  • Flipflops for your guests (to protect their shoes)
  • Tiki torches in the evening, tall stuck in the sand, at the stairwell, or short torches on a celebration table
  • Beach buckets of all colors, filled with parting gifts, flowers, shells, etc.
  • Ask us....

There are no limits, but REMEMBER that EVERYTHING must be set up AND taken down within your rental time, so there are costs (hourly) for customizing for a beach wedding, if you choose.  However, because of the lower hourly cost for daytime events, vs the cost for evening events, your costs for beach setup are lower.

You may supply your own beach customization items for us and we'll install them, take them down, and return them to you for a simple hourly rate.  And remember that there's always a guest that needs to sit down, so some provision for chairs - either by you or by us - should be considered for a beach wedding.  Also, this beach is down a long flight of stairs, though there is a path at the east end of the beach, so make provisions for disabled or wheelchair bound guest transportation at event accordingly.