Create Your Own

By simply uploading a "mobile resized" image (about 300-500 pixels wide) to your own app, you pay nothing and can include as many photos and photo gallerys by category as you need to.  We'll show you how to do this or do it for you...your choice.

Imagine separate galleries for engagement photos, family photos, shower party photos, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon photos, so that people that have your app can continue to share in your special event no matter where they are, via their smart phone

Here's one...(all below resized to 400 pixels wide)

This image of the groomsmen was gigantic....resized it fits the "real estate" of the smart phone just fine.

This groom was a musician...nice photo of him at one of his gigs...pre-marriage.

The setting for the rehearsal dinner...beautiful!

You get the idea...just load you own photos, pay nothing extra and manage it yourself with LocalMobil